Guest Top Ten List

Jay Christensen is a journalist looking for work after a nearly 20-year career at the Los Angeles Times. His current endeavors are The Wiz of A College Football Site for Winners and The March to We Didn't Go to Class Either!

10 Best Blogs for Following March Madness 2010

Ballin' Is a Habit

This site rocks and frankly, I'm worried about the people behind it. Clearly, they don't have lives outside of the blogosphere.

Basketball State

Bookmark this database of invaluable information and you'll never lose another bar bet!

Bracketology 101

You thought Miss Cleo was the only person who could correctly predict the field of 65? This site puts her to shame. Not afraid to take a shot at the Joe Lunardis or Jerry Palms of the world, and that counts for something.

European Prospects

When James Naismith put up the peach basket in December 1891, he probably didn't envision the French one day playing the game.

March Madness All Season

No player goes unnoticed and no team is under the radar.

March Madness on Demand

OK, it's not a blog, but CBS streams every game of the tournament. Bandwidth hogs can simultaneously watch 3-4 games. Comes with a boss button to insure that productivity in the workplace comes to a halt.

Rush The Court

This site has absolutely nothing to do with that conservative talkshow radio host.

Storming The Floor

Arguably the finest name for a college basketball blog.

The Mid-Majority

Now in its sixth year, this blog covers the 24 smaller Division I conferences and independents. The place to go to find which 12th-seeded team will pull the upset in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Truth About Duke

Tired of hearing Dick Vitale gush about the greatness of Duke's program? Can't stand that phony Coach K? You're only a click from the ultimate Anti-Duke Manifesto.