Guest Top Ten List

April L. Hamilton is an author, blogger, Technorati BlogCritic, advocate for the indie author movement and founder of Her most recent book is From Concept to Community.

10 Best Blogs for Indie Authors

Independent Publisher

The voice of the independent publishing industry.

Indie Publishing Revolution

Dispelling myths and providing practical advice.

POD, Self-Publishing and Independent Publishing

Discusses, records and shares the experiences and opinions of the author about POD publishing, self publishing, subsidy and independent publishing and all related issues; numerous detailed reviews of publishing service providers.


The premier online news hub and community for indie authors and small imprints.

Publishing Renaissance

Commentary on all things indie.

Self-Publishing 2.0

Morris Rosenthal follows the trends that are ushering in a new era in authorship.

Self-Publishing Review

Resources for indie authors and in-depth reviews of indie books.

The Creative Penn

Articles and resources for indies from Aussie indie author Joanna Penn.

The Lulu Book Review

Quality reviews, focusing exclusively on self-published books from Lulu.

The Populist Publisher

Insightful commentary on issues of interest and importance to indie authors and small imprints.