Guest Top Ten List

Mark Potts is a leader in the development of innovative content and business strategies and products in online and print media. He is CEO and Co-Founder of, co-founded the Washington Post's digital division and, and has been an executive of or consultant to many major media and Web companies. His blog, Recovering Journalist, is one of the leading sources of analysis of the intersection between technology and media.

10 Best Blogs on the Future of the News Business


Journalist-turned-professor Jeff Jarvis is always iconoclastic and way ahead of the curve.

Clay Shirky

Consultant and professor Clay Shirky doesn't post often, but when he does, it packs a wallop—his 2009 post Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable) is probably the best thing ever written about the revolution rocking the news business.

Content Bridges

Former editor, now consultant, Ken Doctor mixes first-rate business analysis with smart, visionary predictions.

News After Newspapers

The title pretty much says it all: longtime newspaper editor Martin Langeveld provides excellent thinking about what's next in the news business.

OJR: The Online Journalism Review

A group blog of sharp analysis led by longtime digital journalist Robert Niles.

Pursuing the Complete Community Connection

Steve Buttry's thinking about the local news business is miles ahead of just about anybody else—which is why at almost the exact moment he won Editor & Publisher's (print) 2010 Editor of the Year award, he abandoned newspapers for Politico's new online local-news startup in Washington.

Reflections of a Newsosaur

Longtime print editor Alan Mutter provides the best financial analysis of what's happening to the news business.

Reinventing the Newsroom

Former Wall Street Journal reporter Jason Fry offers a good roundup of the best thinking on how news coverage is changing—and adds plenty of his own good ideas.


Judy Sims, who used to run the Toronto Star's digital efforts, takes a fresh, sensible approach to the future of news from a marketing angle.

Temple Talk

John Temple, the former editor and publisher of Denver's Rocky Mountain News left print last year and got religion about digital—he's now the founding editor of Pierre Omidyar's upcoming digital news site covering Hawaii, Peer News.