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Having spent equal parts of his life watching television and writing in a number of different settings, including newspapers and advertising, it was only natural that eventually those two parts of Joe Bua's life would meet, as it did three years ago when he registered the domain name in an attempt to mold the TV schedule to suit his tastes. So far it's been a mixed bag, but he's like to think he had a little something to do with saving Chuck, Better Off Ted and Dollhouse from cancellation this past season and introducing his readers to the best of British TV and web video. He lives outside of Los Angeles with his trusty Weimarainer, Homer, who has no interest in anything television-related except getting the last bite of whatever Joe's eating while watching the tube.

These are his favorite blogs without network or newspaper or corporate affiliation, just people at home with their computers.

10 Best Independent Blogs About TV

Basket of Kisses

I just recently met the two sisters that run this Mad Men blog and they are obsessed with this show. So who else would I go to for information about and insight into the show? The title of Deb and Roberta's blog comes from the season one episode where Peggy collected the tissues of the lipstick testers, her "basket of kisses."

Okay, it's not really a blog. They did a lot of the heavy lifting in getting the show renewed for a third season and they should be acknowledged.

Dead Things on Sticks

I would not know about Durham County or The Border (upcoming on ION), or the currently shooting Kids in the Hall comic murder mystery series, or the upcoming Aaron Douglas series The Bridge for CTV and CBS, or much at all about Canadian TV without reading Denis' blog. He's produced and/or written a bunch of these shows, too.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Dollhouse at

If it's Joss, I go to the independent free-thinking sorts at Whedonesque, where Joss just happens to contribute occasionally as well. Smartest fans in all of TeeVeedom, great insight, unwavering support of the creative process, which when you're a Joss fan is key.

Roco loves Fringe, scours the web for all the great clips and images, and is an ardent and meticulous follower of The Observer. If Walter Bishop is your kind of party pal this is the blog for you.

Galactica Sitrep

Eventually everyone with a working brain will end up watching Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica and the more curious of that lot will end up reading something at Galactica Sitrep that will deepen their understanding of the show.

Inner Toob

Explain this blog? I'll try. What if all the stuff that happens on TV shows actually happened? What would that world look like? And ... for example ... would Suzanne Pleshette be mad at Mary Frann for "sleeping with her husband?" And that's just an easy example, it gets trickier as you get more into it.

Loving True Blood in Dallas

This is a very well-researched but not too spoilery blog about the show. Lots of great links to outside content and clips.

Tardis & Torchwood Treasures

It's tough being such a big fan of shows like Doctor Who and Torchwood that don't get a lot of US press coverage. This blog fills my need for news about the shows very nicely.

The Medium is Not Enough

I trust Rob Buckley's taste. And if I know more about how television works in the UK it's because of Rob and his outstanding blog. And did I mention his good taste?