Guest Top Ten List

Jamie Jensen grew up in Southern California back when freeways were new, cheeseburgers cost a quarter, and every beach had a beachfront amusement park. After wasting his youth bumming around the country, making hay in Kansas and ghost-writing a book for the intrepid rock band Grateful Dead, he started work on Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America's Two-Lane Highways, a fully-illustrated guidebook that is now available in a brand-new, 900-page 5th edition. Many of the road trips he covers, and a semi-frequent blog, can be test-driven at

10 Best Road Trip Blogs

Alice's Drive

This blog led me to a very different sort of road trip story: Alice’s Road Trip, a "live" blog which which follows in the tire tracks of the first woman to drive across the USA, way back in 1909. It makes you appreciate the convenience of modern cars and the Interstate Highway System, even while waxing wistfully nostalgic about crossing the country in a hand-made replica of a 100-year-old motor car.

Ballpark Digest

OK, it’s summer, which for sports fans means one thing: baseball. For travelers, one of the many great pleasures of touring around America is the chance to catch baseball games in a number of different cities and towns, each with its own distinctive character and culture. Keep tabs on the nation’s baseball stadiums (OK, I know it should be stadia, but that’s all Greek to me…) with this baseball bible, Ballpark Digest.

David Byrne Journal

OK, so the former Talking Heads frontman is not everyone’s cup of tea, but his artistic, musical and cultural ramblings are fascinating – plus he provided the title for the “Road to Nowhere” route in my book, Road Trip USA. Follow him on this blog.


In these days of $750 Billion economic stimulus, it is high time (long overdue!) attention is being paid to the state of the nation’s highways, bridges and other vital infrastructure. A potentially dry subject is brought to life with style and attitude.

Perceptive Travel Blog

Since very few people are lucky enough to get to travel for fun all the time, most travel-related blogs tend to start-and-stop, with work time interrupting the writers’ real love of adventures. So here, among a number of different voices collected together under the umbrella of “World Hum”, is one of my favorites, called “Perceptive Travel” (as opposed to oblivious travel, I suppose, but it sets the tone pretty well).

Roadside America

A landmark in the field of pop culture anthropology, this all-encompassing collection of backyard strangeness has grown from a book into a frequently updated, world-class blogospherical website. If you like Giant Balls of Twine, Muffler Men or anything to do with the “World’s Largest” anything, you’ll be happy here.

Solo Road Trip

Much as I enjoy traveling with my family, there’s a sense of freedom and exhilaration that comes from hitting the road on your own. The existential excitement of the solo road trip is magically channeled by Tammie Dooley into this beautifully illustrated, thoughtful blog.


From baseball cards to stadium cuisine, the ephemera of baseball sometimes gets more ink and pixel-coverage than the game itself. One of my favorite commentators, on baseball and most anything else, is multiply-personalitied, sometime ESPN scribe Paul Lukas, who discourses on the finer points of baseball fashion and “athletics aesthetics” in his blog.

Vintage Roadside

If you like your nostalgic Americana, but don’t want to spend your days siftin through dusty bins in middle-of-nowhere “antique shops”, have a look at the varied assortment of T-shirts, road trip tales, and real-life events you can participate in via this blog.


Though the title may make you think of bi-coastal chauvinism, one of the most positive celebrations of America comes in the form of Flyover America, a “See America First” exhortation about the wonders of the Middle West.