Guest Top Ten List

Chris Bradford is an Austin attorney with an abiding interest in cities and what makes them tick.  He blogs about cities, urban economics and Austin in particular at Austin Contrarian.  He twitters, too.

10 Blogs Every Urbanist Should Read

Affordable Housing Institute: U.S.

Don't let the stuffy title throw you. This quirky blog covers the ecology of India's slums one day and the "ultimate future city" the next, along with knowledgeable posts about the obstacles to affordable housing in American cities.

All About Cities

Wendy Waters brings a unique perspective from her perch in Vancouver.

Creative Class

Richard Florida shares his persistently interesting ideas on why some cities flourish and others do not.

Joel Kotkin has assembled a stable of writers who look at where cities have been and where they are going.

Next American City

Consistently good essays on place-making and cities.

A mashup of more than 230 local blogs covering cities, urbanism, transit and bicycling. A wonderful sampler of cities.

The Antiplanner

Serious urbanists should make a habit of reading the serious anti-urbanists, and Randal O'Toole is their king.

The Bellows

Elegant writing on urban economics and transit.

The Goodspeed Update

A planner's thoughtful perspective on the obstacles confronting livable cities.

The Overhead Wire

Expert in all things transit.