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Penelope Trunk is CEO of Brazen Careerist, a company that helps businesses recruit and retain young people. She is also a journalist who focuses on workplace issues and she has written for Time magazine, Los Angeles magazine and the Boston Globe. Brazen Careerist is her third startup.

10 Blogs to Read If You've Just Been Laid Off

Career Hub

This group of top-tier career-coach bloggers will help you understand how to think about your next move. There's resume advice, interview advice and life advice. All in one place.

Catalyst for Action

Alexia Vernon is a career coach who knows you don't just need skills to get one more job, but you need skills to develop leadership skills for a sustainable career.


This site gives you an inside peek at the life of a recruiter. What they think about, what makes them laugh, and what candidates annoy them. And the best way to get on the recruiters' radar is to understand how they think.

Escape from Cubicle Nation

If you think you might want to ditch corporate life completely now that you've been laid off, then Pam Slim's blog is a great reference for how to do it.

Marci Alboher is the author of the book "One Person/Multiple Careers," and her blog is a great resource for figuring out how to answer the job question in a way that caters to many facets of your personality instead of just one.

Marty Nemko

Oh, Marty is so smart. He's got great, time-tested advice for managing your career. But he throws into the mix his opinions on a wide range of topics like race, economics and international relations, and he makes reading about careers more interesting than ever.

Personal Branding Blog

Dan Schawbel is teaching a new generation how to brand themselves in the workplace, which turns out to be the best career management tool around – because a strong personal brand is what keeps you employable.

Renegade HR

Chris Ferdinandi is a fresh voice from the world of human resources. You can learn the rules of the job hunt game, and you can learn the rules you can break.

Sometimes It's Better to Be Socially Creative

Kyle Lacy offers great advice on how to get involved in social media, which you should probably consider since social media is such a great tool for job hunting.

chris the bartender

If the job hunt gets really bad, maybe try bartending. And if you're going to become a bartender, might as well learn from the best. Chris Myers focuses on everything from the basics of being a good bartender to some really cool flare tricks that will land you some killer tips.