Guest Top Ten List

Roger von Oech is an author, inventor, and consultant. He started his company, Creative Think, in 1977 to stimulate creativity in business. His most recent product is the iPhone App version of his Creative Whack Pack which rose to #1 in the App Store's Business category. Check it out!

He's probably best known as the author of the creativity classic A Whack on the Side of the Head, and as the creator of the Ball of Whacks® and the X-Ball®. This is his list of favorite blogs in alphabetical order.

10 Blogs to Stimulate Your Creativity


A blog by Wisconsin law professor Ann Althouse, it's a salon that takes on six or seven issues every day. Some are political, some are cultural, and some are just for fun. Great comments!

Bad Banana   

A blog by graphic designer/communicator Tim Siedell, this site is a treasure trove of graphic design ideas that date back several generations. I go here whenever I'm really bored and I just scroll down. I've never been disappointed.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Belmont Club  

This site looks at (among other things) the big picture of how various specific technology innovations impact the geo-political landscape. Very informed comments. Shows me another perspective on things.

Idea Sandbox  

This is the product of Paul Williams (an American in Amsterdam); many good reviews, ideas, and how to’s.

Innovation Tools  

This site is the "Grand Bazaar" of innovation and creativity ideas and information. Done by Chuck Frey.

Lateral Action

Done by London creative consultant Mark McGuiness. A lot of good how to’s!

Logic + Emotion

David Armano's take and critique of the 2.0 scene. Always worth a look.


This is the product of Austin developer/programmer Philip Dhingra who tackles some offbeat ("Should We Be Teaching People How to Drive Drunk") and mainstream ideas ("What I Hate About Bing").

Wishing Thinking  

London creative consultant Mark McGuiness also contributes to this blog.