Guest Top Ten List

Elsie is the owner of  Red Velvet Art, a boutique that focuses on independent art and handmade goods. Her blog, A Beautiful Mess, is home to her art, photography and craft projects.

Top 10 Colorful & Crafty Blogs to Inspire

Bling On My Sewing Machine 

Rachel is a DIY genius! Her repurposed vintage finds and quilted projects are amazing!

Create Loves 

Holly's blog is full of gorgeous embroidery projects, cute ideas and tons of inspiration! I read it daily for a healthy dose of 'cute'!

Recent Posts from this Blog

Embroidery As Art 

This blog is full of super cool embroidery projects and inspiration.

Life Is Beautiful 

Emily's scrapbook projects are beautiful and original. I love the way she mixes texture and color!

Recent Posts from this Blog

Polka Dot Robot 

Vivianna is an amazing knitter. I also really love her art journal pages.

Red Velvet Girls 

The collaborative blog of the girls involved with Red Velvet. Art, DIY home projects and randomness. Enjoy!

Something's Hiding In Here 

Shauna and Stephen are amazing at what they do. I am a huge fan of their style and the handmade goods they produce.

The Dainty Squid

Kayla's sewn items are so amazing. I'm a big fan!

Thompson Family Life 

Danielle is a super talented artist, crafter and designer. I adore her evolving style!

Twinkie Chan 

Twinkie's crocheted scarves are famously inspiring! Her food themed craft projects are so rad!