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Nick Malis is the creator of the extremely popular sites Cute Things Falling Asleep and Cute Things Laughing. When he's not busy finding stuff to make your heart melt, he works as a professional comedy writer.

These days, it's hard to click your mouse without bumping into something cute on the Internet. That's why if you really want to find something "aww-inspiring," it's necessary to be discriminating. Sure, there's Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheezburger, but a true cute connoisseur must dig a little deeper. With that in mind, the following is my list of some lesser known sites to help you get your adorable on.

10 Cute Blogs You May Not Know About

All Things Kawaii

When it comes to cute, America could learn a thing or two from Japan.

Cats In Sinks

Sometimes it’s important to put your cat in a sink and take pictures of it.

Celebrity Baby Blog

Not only are these babies cute, they are famous. What a tough life!

Disapproving Rabbits

Whenever I am feeling especially full of myself, I look to these rabbits for a reality check.

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F Yeah, Ryan Gosling

Here’s a cute site for the ladies. Ryan Gosling’s got something to say to you.

Living With Anteaters

Apparently this lady owns an anteater and records its every move on her blog. Who knew anteaters were this gentle and sweet? And where can I get one?

Parry Gripp's YouTube Channel

This modern day Mozart writes catchy songs about cute videos. You will be singing these in the shower.


In Soviet Union, cheezburger has you.

This Peanut Looks Like A Duck

Have you ever seen something that looked like a duck and wished there was a blog to document that phenomenon? Well, you can stop wishing.

Wilford Brimley Cats

Wilford Brimley is cute. Cats are cute. Thank goodness someone finally thought to put them together.