Guest Top Ten List

Cupcake fans Nichelle Stephens, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Stacie Joy (not pictured) are 3 friends in New York City who blog about cupcake events, recipes, news, photos and more at the popular blog Cupcakes Take the Cake. Rachel is an author and editor, Nichelle is a bookkeeper and comedy producer, and Stacie is a photographer and editor. These are their favorite cupcake blogs, in alphabetical order. [photo credit: Matthew Powell]

10 Favorite Cupcake Blogs

52 Cupcakes

52 Cupcakes started out as a blog to bake cupcakes every week for a year, but we’re so grateful she’s stayed on cooking up Superman cupcakes, candy cane cupcakes, as well as tennis, cookie dough, chocolate mayo, lollipop, and so many more cupcakes. Guaranteed baking inspiration.

All Things Cupcake

Pretty much any product you can imagine adorned with a cupcake, this site’s covered it, from onesies to panties to umbrellas.

Bake & Destroy

Natalie Slater is another ultra-creative cupcake whiz, whose site features recipes for blueberry rosewater cupcakes, cannoli cupcakes, fluffernutter cupcakes and more, as well as instructions on making your own Obama (and many other) cupcake toppers.


Made famous for her cupcake pops featured on The Martha Stewart Show, Bakerella’s always one step ahead of everyone, whether making Twitter cupcakes, giving away a Wii, or creating Coke snow globe cupcakes

Cake Wrecks

This site has gained a cult following by looking at cakes that are just plain wrong. Blogger Jen’s famous hatred for CCCs (cupcake cakes) is one of the things we love about her, along with the fact that she unearths some of the ugliest, weirdest cakes every made.


This super-fun site by Jessie Oleson features both her adorable Cuppie artwork and drool-worthy photos of bakeries in her home of Seattle and from her travels.

Cupcake Fetish

This site is chockablock with cupcake bakery reviews from far and wide, along with cupcake crawls, recipes, information on bakery name trademarks and more.

Cupcake Project

If you’re looking for original recipes that you’ve never even imagined, look at this St. Louis-based blog by Stefani Pollack. She’s cooked up everything from pickle and ice cream cupcakes to a cupcake with room in the middle for milk!

No One Puts Cupcakes in a Corner

Sandy Ploy is the self-proclaimed “Milwaukee Cupcake Queen” and also the force behind online baking contest Iron Cupcake, when she’s not working at Taste of Home magazine. Her ingredient-driven events in her hometown yield everything from nacho cupcakes to a jerk pork and chicken cupcake (really!).

Utah Loves Cupcakes

One of the things we’ve seen in recent years is the rise of the local-focus cupcake blog, and Becky Olsen has her state covered, providing news on bakery openings, sales, specials and photos. Who knew Utah was such a hotbed of cupcake makers?