Guest Top Ten List

Linda writes about life lived through clothes on her blog Rose à la Mode. Check out the review of the best cheap jeggings around! I even tell you my favorite pair (which I bought and LOVE!).

10 Favorite Style and Fashion Blogs For 2011

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily not only knows how to make great outfits, but also delicious goodies in the kitchen.

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Design Mom

Ideas for your house, your kids, and you! Gabrielle Blair has 6 kids and endless creativity.

Garance dore

Between her cool photographs and beautiful illustrations, this French lady has got it going on.

Jillgg's Good Life for Less

Jill could be your best friend that you always take shopping with you because she knows what's cool and practical. Such simple, elegant style that is attainable!

Johns Journal

Living a normal life without living a boring life.

Katie Armour

Typewriters, china, trenchcoats, and everything traditional. This is a lifestyle blog that brings out your inner Jackie O!

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Kendi Everyday

Each day a new outfit and a funny little story about her life working in the smallest of small towns.

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Rose a la Mode

You didn't think I'd make a top ten list and exclude my own blog, did you? It's for all the women wanting to look their best even with no place to go.

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The Daybook

This photographer has made a blog about her life as a newlywed. It's funny, sweet, and has some good ideas! You'll be hooked!

The Satorialist

If you want to get inspired, you must go to this site. Scott Schuman takes photos of fashion shows and photo shoots, celebrities, and people on the streets. I've not seen such a diverse site as this one.