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Blaine Bettinger is a geneticist and law student who has been exploring the field of genetic genealogy for over seven years. He is an associate editor for the open-access Journal of Genetic Genealogy and author of the free eBook I Have The Results of My Genetic Genealogy Test, Now What? You can follow Blaine via Twitter and at The Genetic Genealogist where he writes about the intersection of genealogy and personal genomics. This is his list, in alphabetical order, of some of the best blogs for anyone interested in the topics of genetic genealogy and personal genomics.

10 Great Blogs for Genetic Genealogists

DNA - Genealem's Genetic Genealogy

Emily Aulicino is an experienced genealogist who teaches classes and lectures about genetic genealogy and is the administrator of a number of DNA Projects at Family Tree DNA. In addition to covering the latest news in the field, Emily also posts about the nuts and bolts of using genetic genealogy.

Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog

Although much of the content is abstracts from recent interesting papers usually related to genetics (valuable information in its own right), the real value of this blog is the conversations and debates that develop in the comments.

European Genetics and Anthropology Blog

This relatively new blog focuses on the intersection of genetics and anthropology (two core aspects of genetic genealogy) in Europe. I hope to see and learn a great deal more from this blog.

Eye on DNA

The tagline of Hsien-Hsien Lei’s blog asks “How will it change your life?”, and it’s a great question. Hsien-Hsien often writes about genetic genealogy, but her blog also covers topics ranging from interesting interviews to testing companies to book reviews and everything between.

Genetic Future

Genetic Future is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of genetics and society. Daniel MacArthur writes about the latest developments in human genetics as well as the companies that are offering tests to examine your genome. I love everything Daniel writes, and if he wrote about the phone book I guarantee it would be riveting reading.

In addition to being a professor, a science writer, and a blogger, Misha Angrist is one of the first 10 participants in the Personal Genome Project (, a project that is making the genomes of its participants available online for all the world to see and use. Misha’s blog provides tidbits and insights into the new world of genetics, often with a much-needed bit of humor.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Megan’s Root World

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, Chief Family Historian and spokesperson for and President of, literally wrote the book on genetic genealogy (“Trace Your Roots with DNA” with Ann Turner). On her blog, Megan writes about her own research – involving topics as diverse as DNA and presidential genealogies – and provides a frequent “Round Up” that links to some of the best online genealogical content available.

The Daily Scan

The Daily Scan, a daily round-up of the most interesting news and posts in the field of genetics, is essential for anyone interested in genetic genealogy or personal genomics.

The Personal Genome

Jason Bobe is the director of community for the Personal Genome Project ( Although posts are not frequent, Jason writes about the project, the history and future of genomics, and other topics including a recent series of posts discussing presidential DNA analysis in future elections.

The Spittoon

The Spittoon and 2 others blogs: deCODEyou (, and DNAction ( are a trio of blogs from genetic testing companies. These blogs highlight the latest discoveries in personal genomics and genetic genealogy.