Guest Top Ten List

Matthew Hurst is a practitioner of text mining, social media analysis and data visualization working at Microsoft. He writes at Data Mining about anything that he can use statistics to vaguely hide is opinions on.

10 Great Data Mining Blogs

Biofusion Design

Vu Nguyen's inside take on creating his amazing infographics and visualizations.

Cool Infographics

It does what it says on the label.

Digital Urban

Immersion at the crossroads of the city and the digital age.

Junk Charts

Kaiser cares enough about information to critique and improve.

Language Log

If you only read one blog about language, read this one.


Both collecting and creating interesting views of social streams.

The Map Room

A weblog about maps.

The Noisy Channel

Daniel Tunkelang's thoughtful commentary on search, etc.

information aesthetics

A one stop shop for infoviz aggregation.

m. migursky

A practitioner's insights.