Guest Top Ten List

Nicole Wolverton blogs at Farm to Philly, which since 2007 has been focused on eating seasonally and supporting local farmers. Farm to Philly houses an ever-growing list of local farmer's markets and Community Supporter Agriculture programs, and talks about what to do with rutabagas in February, where to find elusive locally grown produce, and events that showcase sustainable living and supporting local foodsheds. Farm to Philly also hosts the international One Local Summer challenge.


10 Great Farm-to-Table Sustainable Food Blogs

Eat Local Challenge

This site has a little bit of everything: a diverse group of writers that talk about news related eating locally grown foods and supporting local farmers, and several month-long eat local challenges. A great resource!


The Ethicurean is a group blog that talks about food politics and policy, food safety, and all sorts other related news, but also does reviews of cookbooks, has interviews, and talks about cooking and gardening—all with an eye toward ethics and sustainability.

Food Politics

Marion Nestle, author of Food Politics, keeps a constantly-updated blog that focuses on food safety issues in government.

Green City Market

The blog for Chicago's Green City Market is a tremendous resource for everything localvore-related. They recently had an outstanding post on heritage breed eggs. Makes me wish I lived in Chicago!

Ideas in Food

Ideas in Food has nothing to do with eating locally or food politics, but it's one of the most inspiring sites out there. I always end up thinking about food a little differently, and it gives me great ideas for new things to do with locally grown produce.

Life Begins at 30

Jen from Life Begins at 30 may be across the country from Philadelphia, but her site is a daily read. Her photos are gorgeous and she's right on top of San Francisco's amazing locally grown foods scene.

Ramping Up the Garden

A Pennsylvania blog interested in food security, the writer here is really interested in DIY everything. There's always something really useful and interesting going on there.

Seed Simple

Seed Simple is a blog run by two folks who just talk about the things they learn about sustainable living, slow food, and gardening. There's a great section that includes recipes for seasonal foods that I reference often.

The Blog Barn

Local Harvest's blog section is always really interested and full of useful information about...well, everything...from supporting local farmers to eating locally and sustainably to agricultural news.

Urban Hennery

As someone who really wants to keep chickens (but can't because my neighborhood isn't zoned for it), I live vicariously through Laura at Urban Hennery. In addition to just generally being an inspiration in terms of eating locally, gardening, keeping her flock, and cooking, she organizes the Dark Days Challenge (an effort to keep people eating locally grown throughout the Winter).