Guest Top Ten List

Harry Edwards authors, a blog that chronicles his city beekeeping operation in Seattle Washington. These are his favorite 10 (11 actually, but who's counting) beekeeping and apiary blogs.

50000bee's 10 Favorite Bee Blogs

A Beekeeper's Blog

Penned by a retired university professor who also writes the Apis newsletter.

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A Turkish Bee Blog

I can’t read this blog, but the photographs offer a unique glimpse into beekeeping a half-a-world away.

Bee Anonymous

Nicely done blog from a beekeeper in Florida. I'm glad we don't have to worry about hurricanes here in Seattle!

Bees in the Antipodes

When it's snowing in this hemisphere the bees are forging down under. Here's a nice antidote to our long winters.

Canaries in a Coal Mine

A blog from a Minnesota beekeeper that's focused on sustainable beekeeping practices.

Diary of an Incompetent Beekeeper

An eclectic collection of news and first hand beekeeping from a beekeeper in the UK.

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Life Before Death

Felicia, among many things is a Swedish beekeeper and while she only blogs occasionally about bees, Life Before Death is a fun read nonetheless.

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Mistress Beek

Top-bar hives are getting more popular every year--here’s a beekeeper in Albuquerque New Mexico who's really into them.

The Bee Space

Here's a blog devoted to a variant of the top bar hive, called a Warre Hive.

The BeeKeeper

Kim Flottum is the editor of Bee Culture magazine and someone every beekeeper should read.

What Should I Be Doing With My Bees This Month?

Here’s a no-nonsense honey producer who runs 75 hives in Minnesota.