Guest Top Ten List

Jay Hargis is a talent management consultant and all around good guy living in Boston, Massachusetts.  He currently writes two blogs: HR Clean Up and Career Doctor 911.  He focuses on leadership development, assessment testing (both skills and psychometric), and career coaching. You can follow his adventures on Twitter @jayhargis or learn more about him (or even better, hire him), by checking out his LinkedIn profile

Jay's Top 10 Must-Read Business Blogs

Business Women's Finishing School & Social Club

Business focused with wit thrown in.

Drawing In

General Blog with humor, grace, and great advice.

Employment Digest

Good advice for people looking for a job.

Escape from Cubicle Nation

Sometimes you need to rethink everything!

Evil HR Lady

Great advice with some humor thrown in.

Managing Mankind

I am a big fan of Profiles International.

Marketing Zen

The greatest resource for any entrepreneur with an interest in social media.

Personal Branding Blog

Because it is all about the brand called you.


Find out who is laying people off – so you can either stay away or go grab their people.


My buddy William Tincup always has something to say about something. He combines human capital management along with social marking, some cuss words, a bit of humor.