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Life With Dogs has enjoyed a rapidly growing following on Blogger and Facebook since a facelift and return to blogging late last year. Nigel and Sola have become the infamous trouble makers of the dog blog world: their tales of mayhem often bend reality, leaving readers with more questions than answers. The author, his wife and their horribly behaved pack reside in northern Vermont. When they are not stirring up trouble, you may find them at any of the following dog hangouts.

Life With Dogs' Recommended Dog Blog List

Assistance Dog for Autism

We don’t do much in the way of good deeds, and dogs like Clive more than make up for it. Service dogs always get a nod from us.

BC x Four

We have shared our home with a number of Border Collies over the years, and this blog gets our nod for being a fun read, offering great pics, and for the fact that anyone can live with four Borders and not be outsmarted.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Dennis’s Diary of Destruction

Where do we go for a giggle? To the home of Dennis. Learn to speak Vizsla and observe as Dennis and Tucker wreak havoc with regularity.

Dog Blogging with Luna

There is a reason that Golden Retrievers are popular, and Luna and family go a long way toward making a case for everyone sharing life with a Golden.

For the Love of Chester

Lab lovers, here is your second best stop in the blogosphere - at least, as long as we have Labs. : ) Chester is nutty, just the way we like our dogs. Egg him on if you will.

House of Spots

Photography is the forte of this blogger and it shows. Dalmatian lovers will be smitten.

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Khyra’s Khorner

Easily one of the most prolific dog bloggers, Khyra gets around! Her human runs animal transports and is a big proponent of animal rescue efforts.

Mango’s Great Adventures

Mango and Dexter always know where to find fun. Follow them as they struggle with one another for power and paw their way through the summer in Massachusetts.

News of the Thundering Herd

The Thundering Herd is a good enough name to merit a visit, and Siberian Husky lovers could spend a week in the archives. Now that is a pack!

The Charlie Project

The Charlie Project is a beautifully presented blog - artistic in its simplicity and well worth a regular visit.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Thoughts Fur Paws

Life With Dogs is known for breaking the rules, and in that spirit, would like to offer an eleventh suggestion – a baker’s ten, if you will. For a mix of information pertaining to animal rescue, behavior and products, Thoughts Fur Paws should make your list.