Guest Top Ten List

Bob maintains his own natural health blog and is always excited to discover great natural health and organic living blogs. Find out more at or on Twitter.

Natural Health Ezine's 10 Favorite Natural Health Blogs

Earth Divas' Blog

EarthDivas is all about providing beautiful, low-cost, fair trade products. They are also dedicated to lifting up women, and their families, in developing countries like Nepal, India and Thailand.

Focus Organic

Focus Organic is geared to provide not just organic topics, but also more general eco-friendly topics as well.

Kitchen Stewardship

Kitchen Stewardship is the idea that working in our kitchens, like everything we do, is an opportunity to love God and serve our families.

Laurel on Health Food

Laurel on Health Food is a blog about nutrition, healthy eating, and health food. It summarizes articles in the news, lists healthy recipes, offers tips and personal feedback on healthy eating, and reports on nutritional research.

Natural As Possible Mom

This blog is one of many mom-blogs that focus on living the natural life when at all possible.

Natural Kids

This blog is a cooperative effort of NaturalKids team members, providing kid-friendly crafts and eco friendly tutorials, recipes, member features, handmade all-natural creations, and NaturalKids team news!

Natural Moms Blog

Natural Moms Blog is all about natural parenting: a style of parenting that recognizes, respects and nurtures the natural development of children.

Natural Papa

Natural Papa focuses on natural parenting and fatherhood, home remedies for common children’s ailments, homeschooling, green and simple living for families, and natural foods.

Pure Mothers

This momma has a very heart-felt blog where she is always sharing her experiences of trying to green her family while making sustainable choices for the environment.

Youth On Health

As the title suggests this blog focuses on bettering the health of the youth around the world.