Guest Top Ten List

imagePete Brown writes and blogs about beer, pubs and drinking culture at Pete Brown's Beer Blog.  His third book, out in June, is called Hops and Glory, and traces Pete's quest to recreate the original journey of India Pale Ale - from Burton-on-Trent to Calcutta, by sea.

Pete Brown's Favourite Beer Culture Blogs

A Good Beer Blog

A Good Beer Blog – it does what it says!

Appellation Beer

In search of the soul of beer.

Beer Haiku Daily

Three lines of daily beer Zen.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Belgian Beers

A glorious attempt to review all Belgium’s beers.

Boak and Bailey's Beer Blog

Boak and Bailey – open-minded beer exploration.

Brewed for Thought

Home and craft brewing across the U.S.

Evan Rail's Beer Culture

Evan Rail – a Prague perspective.

Impy Malting

An American girl drinks beer in London.

Stonch's Beer Blog

Stonch – Britain’s most prolific beer blogger.

The Beer Boy

Zak Avery, British Beer Writer of the Year 2008.