Guest Top Ten List

Suzanne Lucas had ten years of Human Resource Experience before she left the workforce to eat cheese and chocolate in Switzerland. After sorting out health insurance problems for more employees than you can believe, she started to question her own health. Therefore, even though she'll answer questions about your career at Evil HR Lady, she'll she send you to the blogosphere for your medical problems.

Top 10 Blogs for the Self-Diagnosing Hypochondriac

Backboards and Bandaids

If it gets really bad, just call an ambulance.

Buckeye Surgeon

For your general surgery needs.

ER Nursey

While you're waiting for the doctor, ER Nursey will provide most of your care.

Half MD

If you want to start diagnosing yourself accurately, you should attend medical school. Half MD will tell you what it's like.

Kevin MD

A general practitioner who comments on medical issues of the day.

Musings of a Dinosaur

A family doctor in solo practice.

Nurse Ratched's Place

Feeling depressed? Schizophrenic? Mother Jones RN is a psychiatric nurse.

Ob/Gyn Kenobi

Might you be pregnant? Kenobi can deliver your baby.

Shrink Rap

A peek inside the psychiatrist mind.

WhiteCoat's Call Room

Dr. WhiteCoat will treat you once EE of Backboards and Bandaids drops you off.