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SF Signal is a group blog that discusses all things related to science fiction and fantasy in books, TV and film.

The 10 Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Blogs

Charles Stross | Charlie's Diary

Charlie's Diary offers no-nonsense and forward-thinking discussions about technology and the field of science fiction itself.

Chris Roberson | Roberson's Interminable Ramble

Chris offers a cornucopia of pop culture references...way more than you can shake a Mr. Microphone at.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Cory Doctorow |

There's more to Cory than Boing Boing. Check out his personal blog for free stories and lots more.

David Louis Edelman

Edelman's web savvy is unmatched and his content is not only refreshingly original, but also interesting.

Jay Lake |

Jay offers honest opinions (like his recent article about Google copyright infringement) and fun links across the web.

John Scalzi | Whatever

John's huge audience ensures always-lively discussions on a variety of topics.

Justine Larbalestier

Frequent writing advice, interesting posts on a variety of subjects and (of course) a zombie-loving attitude mark Justine's blog.

Mike Brotherton | SF Writer

Mike, who is also a college professor, consistently blogs about science fiction *and* science, often exploring the relationship between them and 'edumacating' us at the same time.

Neil Gaiman

There's always something entertaining from this all-around funny and instantly-likable author.

Tobias Buckell | Tobias Buckell Online

Tobias is one the early-adopters of self-promotion on the web and often doles out great tidbits and freebies for fans.