Guest Top Ten List

Anne Stanton is a Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM professional and CRM MVP Alumni who has been working with line of business software for professional service companies for over 20 years. A passionate technologist with a degree in computer science and a masters in business administration, Anne has been known as The CRM Lady on her blog, TIDBITS on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the last 5 years. She has held such positions as Vice President of Commercial Logic, Inc.; Director of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Practice at The Rand Group, LLC and President and Owner of The Norwich Group and has been a National speaker for such events as Microsoft Convergence, SMB Nation, Information Technology Alliance, and the Association of Accounting Marketers.  Follow her on Twitter @CRMLady.

The CRM Lady's 10 Best CRM Blogs

A CRM Riff

A good sprinkling of everything surrounding the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community, written by Jim Glass.

CRM Mastery Blog

An extensive overview of the CRM industry in general. Well thought out posts and good thinking points, written by Jim Berkowitz.

Customer Effective Blog

A Microsoft Gold partner committed to sharing field knowledge with other leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product.

Dwesterberg's Blog

Marketing, Social Media, Public relations and all things worth considering when leveraging both social media and your CRM solution, written by Dawn Westerberg.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog

Extremely current with a real deep knowledge base from a variety of different perspectives on Dynamics CRM.

Mitch Milam's Dynamics CRM Discussions

Great source of code that can be added to Dynamics CRM to enhance the experience.

Random Thoughts of a Boston-Based CTO: John Moore's Weblog

Insightful posts that cover social media, CRM solutions and general usage of technology in business.

Richard Knudson’s Dynamics CRM Trick Bag

A wealth of detailed posts by Robert Knudson showing how to, when to and why with a specific focus on the use and usability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

TIDBITS on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

My knowledge base of everything CRM over the last six years with a specific focus on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM industry including partner, user and Microsoft perspectives.

The never boring life of Me- Julie Yack's Blog

Microsoft Dynamics CRM business, community and technical code samplings to enhance a users experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.