Guest Top Ten List

One of the only new voices to come out of the creative side of the ad business, Alan Wolk runs the Toad Stool consultancy. He talks a lot about social media on his blog. And to anyone who'll listen.

*so that everyone continues to think I'm so smart

The Secrets To My Success: 10 Ad Industry Blogs I Read Every Day*


Brian Morrissey gets the movers and the shakers of the digital ad biz to comment on his often provocative blogs posts. He doesn’t drink the Kool-Aid and not everyone’s happy about that.


David Burn and Danny Goldgeier cover the ad industry and all its foibles in an intelligent and thought provoking manner. He’s a profligate poster, so there’s always something there to read.

AdScam/The Horror

No one doles out ad industry gossip, calls the scammers out on the carpet or invents phrases like BDA (Big Dumb Agency) quite like George Parker.

CK’s Blog

CK is the last great idealist. She holds brands and consultants alike to the fire and doles out heaps of praise when it’s deserved. Her honesty is always refreshing.

Chaos Scenario

Cam Beck’s a libertarian former marine now working as an experience planner in Dallas. He’s a smart guy whose straightforward bafflement at the missteps of corporate America is as fun to read as the times when he’s gushing because someone finally did something right.

Daily Fix

The Mothership. This is where everyone who’s anyone posts and comments. Mixed bag, but a couple of gems every day and a real diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds and opinions.

Dave Trott’s Blog

Trott’s forgotten more about advertising than most of us can remember. His well-written lessons on why certain things matter, no matter what the medium, are always a joy to read.

Noah’s the smartest guy I know who’s not named Alan Wolk. His blog reflects his diverse interests and I learn something every time I go there.


A smart look at the London ad scene that’s wildly popular in the UK. For Americans, the complete bafflement at the internet often makes it feel like it’s 1989.

The Social Path

Dave Griner’s level-headed take on social media wherein he explores the latest trends and offers a cool-headed critique of what’s likely to last.