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M.J. Rose is the author of 11 novels. The Reincarnationist (2007) inspired Past Life, the emotional dramatic TV series that debuts on FoxTV on 2/11/10. Her most recent novel, The Hypnotist will be published in May. In addition to being a novelist, Rose owns and operates the first marketing company for authors, Author Buzz, is a founding member of International Thriller Writers and runs the blogs Buzz, Balls & Hype as well as

Top 10 Ballsy Blogs About Books That Deliver Buzz Without Any Hype


Back in 2002 when almost no one knew what a blog was Jessa Crispin started Bookslut dedicated to those who love to read. Named one of the 50 best websites by Time, one of the best literature websites by The New York Times, Bookslut has also won two Blog Awards.

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An oft times irreverent but always smart and refreshing take on the book biz. Kaissa Krozser does exactly what the blog promises; Dissects the publishing industry with love and skepticism.

Dear Reader

What can you day about Suzanne Beecher? She’s been around since 2000. She won a James Patterson Page Turner award for ordinary people who go to extraordinary lengths to spread the joy of books and reading across the country. She bakes cookies for people who read her blog/newsletter. Sometimes she even sends bubble gum and sparkles. Plus she gives away excerpts of more than 500 books a year delivered in perfect bite size bits. Her blog makes me smile or laugh or sometimes cry every day.

Idea Logical

I may not always agree with Mike Shatzkin conclusions but I think he always asks all the right questions and explores every direction for the answers.

Powell's Books

Here’s a great combination of authors, readers, media, critics and booksellers posting about books. Powell’s has done readers a great service by running this blog- there’s always a new book or author to discover and the format’s constantly changing so you never know what you’re going to get but it’s always a find.


In 2000 Michael Cader changed how we got our news about the book biz and he’s been at the forefront since he started serving lunch. The blog is free but if you can afford the $20 a month the paid newsletter is worth every cent. Cader’s got one of the best takes on this crazy broken business of anyone I know.

Seth’s Blog

The ultimate idea man. My definition of creativity. Whenever I need a jump-start or to be reminded that fresh thinking really does exist, I click on Seth’s bald head to get into his head. He’s relevant, creative, a visionary and I never miss a post.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Because everyone loves a trashy books even if they won’t admit it – these women took on a stereotype and smashed it to bits. They are ruthlessly honest and that’s makes this blog always fun.

The Book Trib

Since no matter how hard you try you can’t come with a list of just 10 great blogs about books – Booktrib is an up to the minute aggregator of all the best book related blogs plus they give out lots of free books every week. Their tag line says it all: One Site is worth nearly a thousand blogs.


Okay its not about books but this is one of the loveliest blogs I know of and when I need to stop thinking about books and book buzz for a while this is a great escape blogs (I have a quite a list of them). Trouviais is always a breath of beautiful fresh air.

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