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Susan Wolfe is a serious, self-taught cook and freelance photographer living in the New York City area.  Her work has appeared on the Desserts Magazine and S.Pellegrino web sites, as well as other publications.  She is the cook, writer, and photographer of The Well-Seasoned Cook, where she features any recipe that happens to strike her fancy.  When not in the kitchen, she can be found on Flickr or reached at thewellseasonedcook AT yahoo Dot com.

Top 10 Beautiful Food Blogs

Cook & Eat

Inspiring photographs from a professional who would rather shoot than eat the beauty she creates. Her companion blog, Still Life With..., goes behind the scenes, offering invaluable lessons to improve your own craft.


A graphic designer colorfully captures up-close, healthy vegetarian fare assembled from the best of Boston's local, seasonal, and organic ingredients.

La Tartine Gourmande

Popular, light-drenched photography by a Frenchwoman whose career was launched online. The site sets a standard to which many in the food-blogging world aspire.

Lucy's Kitchen Notebook

An American in Lyon, France, records her quietly contented life with evocative images and charming prose highlighting her culinary meanderings.


The chronicles of a elegant cook and enthusiastic world traveler merge into a pastiche of stunning visual delights.

Nourish Me

An Australian artist with an eagle eye for natural light shoots her garden-centric global dishes with the same spontaneity as her cooking.

Our Favorite Family Recipes

The exotic temptations of Indonesia are impossible to resist when rendered in tack-sharp detail, saturated color, and careful composition.

Salted Lemons

A blog from Bulgaria with exquisite photos that require no translation whatever your native language. (A convenient translator tool is, however, provided in the sidebar.)

Simply Breakfast

Studied compositions of relaxed morning meals are documented several days a week. No recipes, but no matter.

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Sweet Paul

An impressively talented food stylist sets the table working in tandem with some of the best photographers in the business.