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Chris Creech and Katy Millberg co-author Simply Beginning, a DIY blog for young couples on a budget. Together, they share their experiences and tips for wedding planning, recipes and design projects. Their blog chronicles their adventures as they tackle the "real world" as a new couple.

Top 10 Blogs All Young Couples Should Read

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy showcases unique and fabulous interior designs in apartments and small homes. From house tours to budget DIY projects, Apartment Therapy will provide you just the inspiration you need to kick your new home into gear!

Centsational Girl

Kate shops thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores, and Craigslist with an eye for transforming and repurposing found objects. She has given us tons of ideas for simple, small and inexpensive DIY projects. Trying to decorate a home is tough work, but by taking some advice from the “Centsational Girl,” we’ve learned to make some pretty cool decorations without breaking the bank.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Coconut & Lime

As a young couple, one question we're always asking is “what’s for dinner?” With little budget for eating out, we really enjoy cooking up something new. Rachel Rappaport’s blog is where we like to turn because she provides recipes that are 100% original and cooked in her own kitchen. As one of the top 20 food blogs in the country, Coconut & Lime never let’s us down, providing a seemingly endless supply of fresh recipes.

Etsy Wedding

“Offbeat finds for the eclectic bride.” The tag line really draws you in, and this blog delivers. With plenty of top 10 finds and giveaways, this blog has everything you need if you’re looking for a vintage, homemade look for your wedding. Again, we love the great photography on the site, and they do a truly awesome job at finding great examples of how you can give your wedding a unique vintage touch. Despite having etsy in the title, the blog is not actually produced by,

Great Green Wedding

This site is a great resource, and their blog offers a ton of phenomenal green wedding ideas from dresses to invitations and everything in between. They showcase a lot of really unique twists on ordinary wedding items and give all of us tree-huggers some great inspiration!

Marriage Confessions

Katie Brown is a great writer, and her blog posts chronicling the ups and downs of life as a young wife and mother are always captivating. Since we also have a “Man Cave” section of our blog, it is great to hear Chris Browns humorous take on the transition from a bachelor to a husband and father.


Looking to make your new home or apartment more environmentally-friendly? Turn no further than Re-nest. They provide unique projects each day that showcase ways you can turn your space into a trendy green space.

Rockstar Diaries

Filled with great photography and lots of guests posts, Taza and her husband not only share their own experiences, but tips and advice from others as well. The photography draws you in and the great content keeps you coming back.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Southern Weddings

The blog for the popular bridal magazine, Southern Weddings, offers some great and more professional advice than most of the other, more for-fun, blogs on our list. That, by no means, is to say that Southern Weddings isn’t fun. They are centered on providing great tips and advice on how to throw a beautiful Southern Wedding. From etiquette tips to real wedding examples (all with magnificent photography), SW’s blog will get you hooked.

Young House Love

Sherry and John Petersik started with an old house and young love. The combination resulted in four years of constant renovations and DIY projects. Learn the tips and tricks of interior design and turning a house into a home right alongside of Sherry and John as they take you step by step through their endless lists of fun projects.