Guest Top Ten List

U.S. News & World Report called Dr. Nemko "Career Coach Extraordinaire." The San Francisco Bay Guardian called him "The Bay Area's Best Career Coach." In addition to his by-phone, Skype, and in-person coaching practice, he hosts radio shows on San Francisco's NPR and ABC affiliates. His book, Cool Careers for Dummies (3rd edition), in a Reader's Choice poll, was rated the #1 most useful career guide. 500+ of his published articles, his blog, and an archive of his radio shows are at

Top 10 Blogs for Advancing Your Career

All Things Workplace

Recent posts from this blog include: Are You Really Developing Leaders, Which Comes First: Job Performance or Job Satisfaction, Four Tips for Presenting at the Meeting Table, and Speaking? Three Ways to Satisfy Your Audience.

Ben Casanocha

Ben Casnocha is the smartest (and nicest) young business-oriented guy I know. His blog shares his musings about business and entrepreneurship. He's especially good at questioning conventional wisdom.

Business Pundit

Typical posts include: Accrual Accounting for Non-accountants, 25 Business Men Who Broke the Rules (and Some Laws), and 25 Well-Paying Jobs Most People Overlook (and Why).

Gary Hamel's Management 2.0

Some recent posts in this Wall Street Journal blog include Empowering Natural Leaders in Facebook-Generation Ways, Nine Ways to Identify Natural Leaders, and Management Moonshots: The product of a discussion with 35 distinguished business leaders.

Hit and Run

When I start to think I'm crazy for being nervous about the mammoth transfer of jobs from the private sector to the government and government-mandated sector, I get a reality check from this intelligent libertarian-leaning site.

How to Change the World

Guy Kawasaki is a master at using tech tools such as Twitter and LinkedIn to abet your career. He also comments about and links to the best new career/biz-related books, such as “What I Wish I Knew When I was 20" and "In Pursuit of Elegance."

Marty Nemko

You'll hate me for saying this but I truly believe my blog has the most useful advice on most topics related to advancing your career, for example, salary negotiation, overcoming procrastination, managing anger, succeeding in small business. Yes, you'll have to click "career advice" on my tag cloud to avoid having to read my posts on politics (libertarian-leaning), race (reverse discrimination is rampant), and men's issues (men are treated poorly relative to their merit), but I think you'll find that worth it.

Science blogs + Genetics

I'm betting that genetics will do more to help the world (and create lots of great jobs) than any other innovation. Written in plain English, this blog would keep me current, easily.


A multiple-author blog, this one is gratefully career counselor-free. Instead of their usually too generic advice (network, feel the fear and do it anyway, etc.) this site is long on practical specifics. Recent posts: Help for Small Biz: SBA Backs Interest-Free Loans, how Merchant Services Work, 15 Questions to Measure the Strength of Your Home Biz.

The China Observer

I believe this is the rise of the Chinese empire and the fall of the American. China Observer is my favorite blog for figuring out how people outside of China can capitalize on the China boom.