Guest Top Ten List

John Boardley is a writer and graphic designer living in Japan. He is founder of and He is type-obsessed. He spends his nights serenading serifs, his days deconstructing diacritics.

Top 10 Blogs for Fans of Design, Tech and Type

A List Apart

The voice of the Web.

Authentic Boredom

Intelligent, well-written commentary.


Great site for Web developers.

Daring Fireball

John Gruber for Apple CEO!


One of my favourite art and design blogs.

Jason Santa Maria

One of the best-designed sites on the Internets with thought-provoking, straight-talking articles.

Smashing Magazine

Wonderful design- and coding-related resource.


Inspiring. How does she find all that stuff?


It’s not pretty, but it’s the place to go for tech/Mac news and views.


A must for typophiles.