Guest Top Ten List Editor Grace Nasri, a self proclaimed foodie, spends as much time dining out as she does concocting exotic meals from around the world in her own kitchen. Grace is currently based in southern California, but has experienced cuisine from Paris and Athens to Tehran and New York. Her work has been published in numerous publications from Iran Times International to Asia Times Online.

Top 10 Blogs for the Balanced Foodie

Amateur Gourmet

Recipes and lists of ingredients aren’t always enough for me; sometimes I need a little more. Amateur Gourmet is where I go when I need not only great recipes, but also cooking-related how-to instructional guides.

Balanced Health and Nutrition

As much as I love food, I’m pretty careful about what I eat. Balanced Health and Nutrition, written by a dietitian, helps me understand the health benefits of different types of food, offers tips for health eating and also provides nutritious recipes.

Chocolate and Zucchini

Chocolate and Zucchini is rife with colorful, mouth-watering photos, which accompany posts on topics from Apricot Blueberry Cobbler to Olive Oil and Seed Crackers. The blog, which is written by a Parisian, focuses on healthy and natural dishes, yet includes recipes like my personal favorite—Ginger and Almond Clusters.

Chubby Hubby

I love the unique feel of this blog because it mixes personal commentary with educational information about various Asian foods from Pig Noodles to Mandarin Pancakes. It’s a fun place to stop from time to time for those of us who love exotic foods.

Diet Blog

I stop by the Diet Blog as often as I can to get my fill of timely diet- and health-related news.

Diet Food Reviews

When I find a new product at the grocery store and want to find a breakdown of its nutritional contents, I often go to Diet Food Reviews. Its reviews and breakdowns of diet foods and natural and organic foods help keep me updated.


I love all the nutritional information Fooducate provides as well as how it ties nutrition and health-related issues to everyday life. I always seem to find myself perusing this blog when I want to learn more about a specific ingredient that I’ve just learned about.

Nutrition Unplugged

I’m a Nutrition Unplugged junkie because it’s a great place to get all kinds of myth debunking and nutritional news in one place. Written by a dietitian, the blog includes nutrition articles that have been featured in media outlets from the LA Times to New York Newsday.

Serious Eats

When I’m looking for a special recipe for a dinner party I’m hosting, or when I need some new ideas for restaurants to try, I always find myself checking in with Serious Eats first.

The Foodinista

The Foodinista, one of my favorite blogs, blends food and wine, fashion and design. If you’re like me and judge food not only on taste, but also on presentation, you’ll love this blog.