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Andy is the director and owner of Senior Portrait Artists (spa) along with his wife and her parents. spa is a professional organization for portrait photographers that aims to equip and inspire in the specific area of high school senior portraiture. Along with administrating the business, online forum, Facebook page and Twitter acct, Andy blogs about marketing to, connecting with, and understanding the high school senior world.

Top 10 Blogs for Understanding High School Seniors

Bling Bling Marketing

Scott Crosby is a good friend who doesn't stop. He's always going, always coming up with new ideas, always making his photography business better. Even better he likes to share about it with everyone else.

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Convince & Convert

Every high school senior is on Facebook today. Which means that every senior photographer is on Facebook too. But are you doing Facebook right? This site will help you do social media right.

Design Aglow

Sweet design ideas from photographers, for photographers. Plus most of the ideas you can purchase the templates for!

Largo Photography Blog

A member of the spa organization, who consistently are pushing the envelope to create awesome forward thinking images for high school seniors.

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Little Blog of Big Ideas

The brainstorm of Jeff and Allison Rodgers that really acts as a creative collective for photographers anywhere and everywhere. Go take in and give out.


I follow this blog on Twitter and constantly am happy that I do. Great information on what's current and next in the world of social media.

Seth’s Blog

Follow Seth Godin so you can learn to have people follow you.

The Chronicles of Windy Ridge

So this one is actually from my wife, but it's super cute clothing (for kids), but with some great photography that will give you great ideas.

The Cool Hunter

When it comes to connecting with high school seniors, you don't have to be cool, but it really helps to know what is cool. This let's you know not only what is currently cool, but what will be cool.

V Gallery

By my good friend Jed Taufer (half of the photography legends Jed and Vicki Taufer - V Gallery), I think this blog does what so many blogs lack - personality. It says "Jed" and I think that's cool.