Guest Top Ten List

simplify your life.jpgGot too too much stuff, too little time, too much e-mail, not enough focus or all of these? These blogs can help. They're full of examples of how to unclutter and streamline your life, and usually feature stories about others who have done the same.

Top 10 Blogs to Declutter and Simplify Your Life

Change Your Thoughts

Written by the UK's number one Personal Development blogger, Steven Aitchison. Lots of great nuggets for changing your attitude to simplify your life.

Goodlife Zen

Mary Jaksch writes about calming yourself and simplifying your life, touching on other topics such as personal resilience, combating depression and establishing positive new habits.

Life Optimizer

Personal growth through focus, minimalism, working smarter, and a hint of Zen philosophy. Topics include crisis-proofing your career, how to enjoy the present, finding happiness and staying out of the trap of loving stuff.

Think Simple Now

Real stories from real people about finding inner clarity, creativity and happiness through simple things.


A blog about using less stuff to accomplish more. Articles cover teaching kids to physical clutter, reducing your own inbox clutter, and getting better organized so that junk in general doesn't build up in your life.

Zen Habits

Leo Babauta's blog about life simplification and cutting out the clutter is probably the leader in the life-simplification category. Clearly organized and with thoughtful links to related articles and lists.