Guest Top Ten List

Nathalie Lussier is known as The Raw Foods Witch because she takes the spooky out of raw food magick. She helps people with the resistance, fear, and cravings that come up when transitioning to a healthier diet - whether it's 100% raw or not. You can sign up for her free ecourse Feel Light - Take Flight, and watch your energy soar! Follow her as @hyperlinked on Twitter.

Top 10 Blogs to Get You (or Keep You) Eating Raw Food

Choosing Raw

Gena is all about making raw doable, and she shares her insights and recipes on a regular basis, feeding her hungry readers. Her approach to raw food is very accommodating and she has a passion for women's issues and building self esteem.

Crazy Sexy Life

Though not exclusively about raw food, this blog is all about living life to the fullest and is based on Kris Carr's experience living with cancer. The blog posse consists of many raw foodies, and all articles are top notch.

Give It To Me Raw

Give It To Me Raw is a connection hub for a large part of the raw food community. It's got articles, news, and videos all about the raw lifestyle and the related holistic health approach. If you want to be in the raw loop, then this is the blog to follow.

Julie's Raw Ambitions

Julie is a gourmet loving foodie who likes to wow us with mouth watering photos, and delicious raw recipes. She's also got tips for eating raw with non-raw family members, and lots more.

Kristen's Raw

Kristen shares her passion about raw food, green juice, and making great recipes. She's got the touch when it comes to making recipes look easy and sound delicious.

Raw Foods Witch

Taking the spooky out of raw food magick, and tackling the topics that eventually catch up to everyone. Things like cravings, resistance, and how to sprout things. This blog is all about taking a lighthearted and fun approach to raw foods.


Incredible photography backed by inspiring and super delicious recipes. This blog is all about style, taste, and living the good life while raw. Susan is very generous with her recipes and advice, and her blog appeals to both raw and non-raw folks alike.

Renegade Health Show

Kevin and Annmarie are all about health, and they advocate a high raw diet. Their video blog is great for beginners and experienced raw foodies alike, because it delves into topics like no other blog does.

Simply Raw Recipes

Mike shares some incredibly simple raw recipes, along with photos, instructions, and even videos! The blog is all about recipes, so if you ever wonder what to make for dinner, this is the blog to check out.

The Sunny Raw Kitchen

Carmella has a knack for sharing the kinds of recipes that could make a grown man weep. I mean it, her desserts look as good as they taste. She also shares her tales of travel and raw food.