Guest Top Ten List

Breast Cancer Sisterhood is one of the top survivorship resources for breast cancer families. Aimed at patients, survivors, women of recurrence, husbands and children, the site includes over 100 original videos, Brenda's Blog and 19-year-old Amy's Blog. In addition to serving as a board member and managing consultant of a public company, Breast Cancer Sisterhood's CEO, founder and breast cancer survivor, Brenda Coffee's skills as a journalist, photographer and filmmaker are evident. She is author of The Breast Cancer Sisterhood and Husbands and Heroes.

Why I Picked These Blogs

Most breast cancer blogs are personal diaries designed to keep friends and family posted about their progress. While it is comforting to know other women are experiencing the same thing, most offer little tangible, helpful information. Many are depressing, detailing their every ache, pain and fear. The following Top 10 Breast Cancer Blogs are the best of the diaries, memoir, news and patient advocate blogs and are listed in alphabetical order.

Top 10 Breast Cancer Blogs

Breast Cancer the Second Time Around

Suzette Lipscomb’s thoughtful and wise blog gives us pause to consider what’s important in life as she chronicles her second experience with breast cancer. Unfortunately, Suzette only blogs once a month.

Brenda's Blog

Brenda Coffee’s insightful and refreshingly honest voice empowers every woman who’s interested in preventing breast cancer, recurrence, surviving treatment and resuming their life. The “Carrie Bradshaw/Sex & the City” of breast cancer, no topic is off limits. She also reaches out to husbands/caregivers, children and teens.

Jayne’s Breast Cancer Blog

Jayne England Byrne’s blog has the right memoir mix of tell-it-like it is and helpful information as she navigates her way through breast cancer.

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Marie O’Connor has a loving heart and an encouraging nature. Her blog includes medical news, personal musings about her experience as a 34-year-old woman diagnosed with breast cancer and words of wisdom about finding your new normal. Marie’s website was a finalist in the 2010 Irish Blog Awards.

Life with Breast Cancer

Kathy-Ellen Kups is a seven-year survivor who advocates for women’s health and writes encouraging, thoughtful posts.

Miracle Survivors

Diagnosed with recurrence shortly after her five-year cancer-free anniversary, Tami Boehmer is determined to beat the odds and become a miracle survivor. Tami talks about recurrence, treatments and the people she meets along the way.

My Breast Cancer blog

Jacki Donaldson has been writing her blog, since December, 2004. While it began as a diary, her blog has evolved into more, delivering a wide array of helpful information in memoir style.

Nancy’s Point

Nancy Stordahl approaches her blog as an ongoing breast cancer journey begun by her late mother. Nancy is an excellent writer and does a great job of relating this life-altering passage for multi-generations of women. We can look forward to more of her perceptive thoughts.

Well Blog – Breast Cancer

Count on reliable expert opinions and practical advice from NY Times columnist, Tara Parker-Pope.

Women with Cancer

Jody Schoger is a cancer survivor, turned cancer advocate, whose website focuses on all womens’ cancers. Jody profiles gaps in the system as well as progress made on the medical, research, marketing and the human aspect of all women’s cancers.