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Breast Cancer is on its way to becoming the definitive resource for breast cancer families--patients, survivors, women of recurrence, husbands and children--with original videos, stories, photos and Brenda's Blog. In addition to serving on the board of directors of a public company, Breast Cancer's CEO, founder and breast cancer survivor, Brenda Coffee, puts her journalist, photographer and filmmaker skills to good use. She is author of The Breast Cancer Sisterhood and Husbands and Heroes.

On why she picked these blogs: Most breast cancer blogs are personal diaries designed to keep friends and family posted about their progress. While it is comforting to know other women are experiencing the same thing, most offer little tangible, helpful information. Many are depressing, detailing their every ache, pain and fear. These are the best of the diaries and memoirs plus a touching blog by a breast cancer husband.

Top 10 Breast Cancer Blogs

Breast Cancer the Second Time Around

Suzette Lipscomb’s thoughtful and wise blog gives us pause to consider what’s important in life as she chronicles her second experience with breast cancer. I wish she had her own website because Everyday’s ads repeatedly take over the screen, just when you’re getting to the good part.

Brenda's Blog

Brenda Coffee’s insightful and humorous topics are of interest to every woman who is interested in preventing breast cancer, recurrence, surviving treatment and resuming their life. Each blog is accompanied by a color photograph, highlighted key words that tell a story of their own, plus some blog entries are video.

Jayne’s Breast Cancer Blog

Jayne England Byrne’s blog has the right memoir mix of tell-it-like-it-is and helpful information as she navigates her way through breast cancer.

My Breast Cancer blog

Jacki Donaldson has been writing her blog, since December, 2004. While she began it as a diary, the blog has evolved into more, delivering a wide array of helpful information in memoir style. The voice ads, out of the blue, are annoying. Videos and an eStore pop-up in blog style.

My Not-So-Awesome Cancer Memoir

Cathy, 22, writes her diary in the authentic and humorous voice of a young woman, posting about treatment, side effects, if her boyfriend will stick around, sadness at loosing her breast, etc.

My Wife With Cancer, a Husband’s Chronicle of an Unplanned Journey

Karen’s husband calls himself the narrator, but it is clear how much he loves his wife. He is more than a passing bystander, which many breast cancer husbands are, noticing even the smallest things like how she wields her blow dryer. He is the Prince every woman wishes she had.

Recent Posts from this Blog

The Cancer Warrior

Radio producer and DJ, Mel Majoros’s blog is funny and poignant, written in memoir style and covering a wide range of topics.

To Keep You, A Breast

Written in diary form, Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 29. She manages to complain about her plight in detail, but with humor and without being a constant downer.

Two Hands

A good read, insightful and thoughtful. Jeannette’s breast cancer came back a second time, and this is her diary. Includes good links and resources.

Well Blog – Breast Cancer

Count on reliable expert opinions and practical advice from NY Times columnist, Tara Parker-Pope.