Guest Top Ten List

James Hart is a reporter for The Kansas City Star, where he writes Crime Scene KC, a blog about crime and public safety.

Top 10 Crime Beat Blogs

Bizarre Florida

Plumbing the depths of illegal and strange behavior in Florida (and those depths are deep). By the St. Petersburg Times.

Bonnie's Blog of Crime

A comprehensive roundup of America's most violent criminal cases. By Bonnie Kernene-Prisbrey.

CLEWS: Your Home for Historic True Crime

A literary look at true crime by Laura James.

Midtown Miscreant

A reformed convict in Kansas City gives his take on crime news and recounts the not-so-good old days. By Mark Smith.

Seattle 911

A mix of breaking crime news and backgrounders on the law by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The Crime Scene

Not all the big cases happen in the city. Kathee Baird digs into murders and other high-profile cases from (mostly rural) southwest Missouri.

The Homicide Report

A complete listing of every single homicide handled by the Los Angeles County coroner's office. By the Los Angeles Times.

Trench Reynolds' Crime News

A snappy commentary on current crime news, with a special fondness for Craigslist-related crime. By Trench Reynolds.

True Crime Report

Tackling the biggest crime stories of the day with excellent coverage of breaking news. By Steve Huff.

What The Judge Ate For Breakfast

An authoritative courtroom blog from Wichita, Kan., written by The Eagle's longtime courts reporter, Ron Sylvester.