Guest Top Ten List

Sal Ruibal is a veteran journalist who has covered the Tour de France six times and the Olympics seven times. An avid mountain bike racer, he's a member of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. He's ridden over most of the Tour's biggest mountain stages, including the famed L'Alpe d'Huez. Sal uses that experience on the bike to give his USA TODAY blog readers cycling insight that goes beyond the pedestrian and puts the reader in the saddle with the world's most famous racers.

Top 10 Cycling Blogs

This blog is a must for anyone who rides a bike on public roads, trails or even singletrack. Attorney Bob Mionske is the nation’s foremost expert on cycling and the law and is a real advocate for riders’ rights. He’s also an accomplished racer who has been at the top levels of the sport.

BikeRadar has a rolling cast of staff and guest bloggers, but Gary Boulanger is my favorite because he has been a racer and a bike builder – I own one of his wonderful custom Gaansari Whirlwind do-everything bikes. He’s also a humble observer of bike culture from a family perspective.

Dirt Rag Mag

This is the online home of Dirt Rag Magazine, one of the first mountain bike ‘zines that has now become the coolest spot for real mountain bikers. The DR family is funky, creative and beholden to no corporate influence. I especially enjoy editor Karen Brooks’ entries.

In the Slipstream

This is my own USA TODAY personal cycling blog on the cycling news page.

James Raia

This blog is written by longtime Tour de France correspondent James Raia, who also covers a lot of ground with endurance sports. Raia has a very personal touch with his blog with lots of shared memories of his adventures at the world’s biggest cycling race and other cycling matters.

Mad Dog Media

The current home of former VeloNews columnist Patrick O’Grady, whose R-rated rants and cartoon attacks are biting and, more often than not, spot on. MDM has the voluminous archives of O’Grady’s VeloNews years, and also the new Mad Blog Media section that takes his screeds to a whole new level. Not for the timid or profane-adverse.

Nick Verstain

This blog is about cycling fiction, with short stories and poetry from the elusive and erudite Verstain. Most of the work has been published previously by Dirt Rag magazine, but here’s a place to read it all at once.

This blog is a guilty pleasure that many male cyclists visit but won’t tell their girlfriends or wives about. That’s because PEZ is home of the infamous “Daily Distraction” photo gallery of reader-generated shots of beautiful women in cycling settings. Nothing too naughty here and there are also plenty of photos of male racers in Lycra in the news sections.


VeloNews is a great go-to spot for news and rider diaries, but also home to “Technical Q&A With Lennard Zinn,” a wonderful place for gear freaks and techno-weenies to ask the Great Zinn about the most esoteric technical aspects of the bicycle.

Velocity Nation

Velocity hosts “As the Toto Turns,” a weekly comic ‘blog’ that takes great delight in skewering the high and mighty of pro cycling with wicked wit and ripping satire. Toto is a must for those who love the soap-opera of pro cycling.