Guest Top Ten List

Charlene Weisler is an emerging artist whose own blog, located on her website explores street art in its many forms. Her New York City urban photography was the basis of a recent solo exhibition in Japan and her work has been showcased in publications such as Time Out New York and The New York Sun.

Top 10 Emerging Artists Blogs

Art Brut and Outsider Art

Billed as a place for uncommon discoveries in Outsider, Art Brut and Self-Taught Art, this blog by art dealer Beverly Kaye uncovers fascinating and odd art pieces from artists who are under the radar.

Artists Who Blog

Stephanie Levy is an American artist who is based in Munich, Germany. Her blog offers interviews with a wide variety of artists and designers. These interviewees talk about their artistic process that can serve as a source of inspiration to others.

Caroline Marine

Carol Marine’s blog offers a painting a day which is a very nice concept. Her recent still life series is beautifully done.

Happy Famous Artists

Billed as “Bad Art for Bad People” this artist’s collective blog runs the gamut of artistic expression from Jill Magid’s decorated police surveillance cameras (renamed Glam Cam) to Alessandro Papaboy Angiovini’s “Biting WC.” Unusual and thought-provoking posts.

New Art

As the name implies, New Art explores installation art, performance, theater, cinema, painting, sculpture, digital art and more. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes controversial, this blog runs the gamut of undiscovered and “found” art in all its forms.

Other Things

If you like graffiti, you will love the Graffiti Archeology News blog. It is up to date on discussions and showcases of international graffiti and street art.

Post Secret

Art and artistic expression can be found in all of us. The Post Secret project began years ago as a way for people to anonymously reveal their secrets. The result was a barrage of amazing insights and incredibly creative postcards that reads as “art” as much as “confession.” This is one of the ultimate emerging unknown artist blogs.

Recent Posts from this Blog

The Arteur

Curator and critic George Tibbett has created a new blog which is dedicated to showcasing emerging artists across all artistic disciplines. He has also coined a new word: “Arteur” Just like a film Auteur, the Arteur is the creator of their artwork. Artists included in the blog range from the obscure to the known but all share a strong sense of artistic ownership, craft and creativity.

Recent Posts from this Blog

William Wray

William Wray is an urban painter who calls himself the “painter of blight”. While his background includes animation stints with the Ren and Stimpy Show and Mad Magazine, his oil paintings gravitate towards solitary scenes of an abandoned rail station, a lonely car park or an abandoned shopping cart – all of which are beautiful and haunting. He also reviews other artist exhibitions on his blog.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Wooster Collective

The Wooster Collective is named after a street in downtown New York City and was founded in 2001. They are very active in the downtown art movement and their blog is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.