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James Lillis is an independent fashion designer who has built up his fashion label Black Milk on the back of his blog Too Many Tights. Black Milk clothing now has a reputation as one of the hottest designer leggings labels in the world. James still posts about all his new designs on his blog.

Top 10 Fashion Blogs To Read While Wearing Amazing Designer Leggings And Killer Heels

4th and Bleeker

You're always like "How did this blogger manage to get this amazing model?!" And then you remember that the blogger IS the amazing model. Kinda makes me regret being not being handsome. Damn.

Adeline Rapon

Probably has a better sense of the artistic in photography than any other blogger I know. She manages to find and create art in the most unlikely places. I find her pictures very soothing and relaxing. I have no idea why, maybe it's because she's French.

Cash Moni

Never fails makes me laugh. Posts crazy over the top suff that has a tremendous energy. Probably talks about her vagina way too much.

Confessions of a Lingerie Addict

Another person who has been super supportive of Black Milk right from the beginning. A true passion that really shines through. Treacle also has the honor of posting the 1000th comment on my blog a few months back.


Every time I look at Fashionisings Fashgasms I want to run off and design something. Seriously. I should pay those guys royalties.

Go Fug Yourself

I'm ashamed to mention this one, but it's just so damned funny. I'm dreading the day they post about someone wearing some outrageous Black Milk leggings, they will have no mercy, and I will be forced to vindictively strike them from my blog reader (so there)!

Kingdom of Style

Where do I start with this one? Kingdom of Style is everything as blog should be. Queen Michelle is amazing - fearless with her fashion, and the most helpful person you could ever meet. She gave me bucket loads of support when Black Milk was just starting out, and even designed the logo for me (for real!). Like me, she's more likely to take her fashion inspiration from a superhero comic book than a red carpet

Knight Cat

Finds all the coolest stuff first. Cat is just one of those people that spot cool six months before everyone else. Without trying. I'm the opposite, I'm like "Is this cool yet?" And everyone else is like, "Yeah, in 1989."

Phosphene Fashion

Legs like a model and arguably the best DIY skills in the blogosphere. Rocks out in my beloved Sheer Spartans like no one's business.

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Too Many Tights

I actually really enjoy reading my own blog! I even laugh at my own jokes (I probably shouldn't admit to that one). It's kind of like a little trip into the past, each blog post marks a little step in my life for the last year. I even get a little emotional sometimes looking back on the early posts when I would sew up one pair of leggings and desperately hope that someone (anyone!) would buy them. We've come a long way, baby.