Guest Top Ten List

Dina Gachman pens the blog Bureaucracy For Breakfast, the continuing saga of one girl's plight with unemployment. The blog is a comedic take on a not-so-funny subject, and she hopes it will make people laugh, not cry.

Top 10 Film Blogs

A Filmmaker’s Life

Great insights into the trials, tribulations, blood sweat and tears that go into being an indie filmmaker. Jacques Thelemaque is a force in the LA indie scene, so his blog is current and informative.


Go-to blog written for and by film lovers. I always go here to get the non-Hollywood perspective of upcoming films and new releases. Great writing.

Deadline Hollywood Daily

This is pretty much the reigning blog for in the moment Hollywood news. Nikki Finke is known for getting the scoop eerily early, before anyone else. Her catchphrase is “toldja!” And she’s usually right.

Film Threat

Films Gone Wild is a fun new blog on that’s getting a lot of attention. Reviews, festival news and interviews.

Filmmaker Magazine Blog

Great magazine, great blog. This is a good blog for finding out about indie filmmakers, both new and established; about festivals and everything happening on the festival circuit, and they do a good job of compiling articles from other sources all in one place.

Greencine Daily

A bit more highbrow but this has some interesting posts about avant-garde film as well as Hollywood blockbusters.

John August

Great blog for writers. Vet screenwriter John August answers questions and rants about screenwriting and filmmaking. Very informative.

Roger Ebert’s blog

A good one for both film and politics.

Thompson on Hollywood

Another Hollywood-centric blog. Written by Anne Thompson and posted on (a great site in itself), this is a great mix of Hollywood and indie news.

Truly Free Film

Thorough, intelligent informative blog by veteran indie producer Ted Hope. This looks at the future of filmmaking and film distribution, and is written by a passionate filmmaker and film lover.