Guest Top Ten List

Tina Mockmore is a freelance writer and editor currently living near Chicago. A former librarian, she has been writing about pop culture, entertainment and celebrities since 1982 and in 2004, she launched her first blog, Glitterati Gossip, which focuses on Hollywood, Pop Culture and Film. Tina's work has appeared in numerous websites and blogs and has been referenced in various forms of media, including The Washington Post, AOL Entertainment and the Ace of Cakes blog. She can be reached via Facebook, and through her website.

Top 10 Gossip Blogs

Adventures in Grave Hunting

Where celebrities go for permanent R&R, Adventures in Grave Hunting by Lisa Burks takes readers on a wonderful, respectful - and sometimes even heartbreaking - trip down memory lane.


Liz Kelly heads up this Washington Post gossip blog with flair, finesse and an insider edge.


Devoted to debunking and deflowering celebrity hypocrites, Deceiver tells it like it is (apologies not included).


Ecorazzi combines both celebrity gossip and environmental issues to bring readers the latest in green gossip - Hollywood style.

Holy Moly!

Holy Moly! is a premiere gossip blog for those who like their entertainment news fresh from across the pond.

I'm Not Obsessed

I'm Not Obsessed is a work and family friendly gossip blog that allows readers to check up on their favorite celebrity gossip and entertainment news without agonizing over prying eyes or scary screen shots. As the tagline boasts, it truly is ""Gossip without the Guilt."


PopEater is dedicated to dishing the dirt and offering up exclusive interviews and the latest Hollywood buzz.


Pop Sugar is a witty, entertaining romp through Hollywood. Boasting 16 different lifestyle and entertainment blogs covering everything from celebrity gossip and fashion to Hollywood hits and misses, it's packed with something for everyone.

Radar Online

Radar is the blog with the buzz. Anything and everything that's happening in Hollywood is happening right now on Radar.

The Real Estalker

A real estate voyeur’s guide to sprawling celebrity mansions, quaint Hollywood hide-aways and beautiful Los Angeles bungalows, a visit to Real Estalker is like peeking through the windows of the rich and famous.