Guest Top Ten List

Nino Marchetti is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of EarthTechling, an online consumer publication focused on providing news, reviews and in-depth features about green technology. He is a former freelance personal technology journalist gone entrepreneur and a long time Internet veteran, starting way back in 1995 with Yahoo. These are his 10 blogs to read to stay up on cutting edge green technology.

Top 10 Green Tech Blogs

Autoblog Green

This subset of the popular auto lovers’ blog Autoblog is a great go to for the latest in green car news and previews. They are always getting the low down on new green cars, especially prior to major auto shows.


This site serves as a solid place to get some of the latest on clean and renewable energy. It hosts great longer form blog posts around this topic, providing useful things to consider on this important subject matter.


Earth2Tech, the green tech blog offering of the GigaOM Network, gets a lot into the business behind green tech companies. It looks in particular at start ups in the space, showcasing potential new clean tech innovations.


EcoGeek is one of the more trusted green tech blogs out there. Hank Green and staff give a thoughtful take on what they see as the big green tech stories out there. A very active reader community lets its thoughts be known as well.


This blog is like the little old lady living on your street who knows what all the neighbors are up to. It finds all those niche green tech news bits other sites miss, making it a valuable resource as a great general green tech news source.

Green Tech

Martin LaMonica, Cnet’s green tech guru, edits this blog on the larger site. He and other Cnet staffers round up some of the most important green tech headlines of the day and post them in a timely fashion.


When there’s something to be known about the latest in design and green technology, the staff at this site is on it. They are particularly into green tech as relates to architecture, showcasing lots of cool ideas around this subject.

New York Times Green Inc.

This New York Times blog, as the name implies, looks at the business side of the green tech landscape. The writing is top notch, the pieces that are posted worth careful read. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Tainted Green

This isn’t just another general green tech blog. Rather, Tainted Green likes to focus on “unearthing the truth about green.” It is usually only updated once a day, but the updates posted provide all the information needed on a news item.

TreeHugger - Science and Tech

The 500 pound gorilla of the green blog space, TreeHugger’s science and technology sub-section never disappoints. A lot of thoughtful consideration is put into each detailed post, be it about a new innovation in a university lab somewhere or a new green gadget.