Guest Top Ten List

Chicago-based toymaker and designer Hillary Lang sews it up over at wee wonderfuls a crafty blog about kids, crafts and finding inspiration.  The shop on her site carries her original sewing patterns, embroidery patterns, paper goods and the occasional handmade toy.

Top 10 Handmade Toys Blogs

Doll, the art and craft of Mimi Kirchner

What this woman can do with an inheritance of wool is beyond imagination...the tattooed man, a tiny world in a pincushion, nerdy robots, the boy with a black eye, and the list goes on and on.

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Fern Animals

Ashley Anna Brown's meticulously made animals are so perfect and tiny and just gorgeous. With tiny little fur trimmed hoodies and soft sculpture deer horns, they are impossible to resist.

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Sandra Monat and her toy sheep Friederike dream up wonderful things like Viking dolls, Centaurs and Merfolk.

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Hop Skip Jump

Fiona's down under cooking up some of the cutest monkies and kangaroos you've ever seen. Check them out!

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Inside a Black Apple

The blog of Emily Martin, etsy's it girl, is an eye candy delight. Act quick to get a jump on one of her one-of-a-kind dolls or, if you miss out, pick up a set of her smartly dressed paper dolls.

Junior Society

The blog of Robert Mahar (of Mahar Drygoods) is a daily stop for me. Robert expertly channels his inner child to find the best in childrens products and design, especially toys. Click the Arts and Crafts categories for all sorts of cool handmade playthings.


Claire Robertson is a craft blog superhero. While we craftbloggers all watch her every move with rapt attention, my favorites have always been watching her trasnform her delightful illustrations into toys. And, I think she might have actually coined the term softie.

My Paper Crane

The queen of plush, Heidi Kenney can make a stuffed toy version of absolutely anything. Broccoli, toliet paper, cupcakes... all too cute for words.

Rosa Pomar

Portugese artist Rosa Pomar's iconic dolls are adored the world over. Rosa never ceases to wow me with her combinations of color and pattern.

The Cotton Monster

A little monster action. I know it's terrifying, but stop by and check out Jennifer's latest creatures.