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imf_logoChris Budd is an indie music junkie.  He started his blog Indie Music Filter in the beginning of 2006 and since, the site has grown to host a mobile site, a podcast, a video channel as well as the main page.   While not posting on the blog, Chris runs a Toronto-based Music Publishing Company called Bearsuit Publishing, licensing music from independent bands and artists to television, film, advertising and video games.  In his spare time, Chris enjoys dodgeball and balancing large objects on his chin.

Top 10 Indie Music Blogs to See Bands Perform Acoustically

Bandstand Busking

A live music project filming bands and artists performing in the many bandstands located in parks across London, England.  Recommended Videos: The Acorn performing by the water or Wildbirds and Peacedrums.

Big Ugly Yellow Couch

Pretty self explanatory, there's a couch in an apartment in Brooklyn somewhere where bands perform.  Recommended videos: Yellow Ostrich doing "Whale" or Phantogram performing "When I'm Small".

Black Cab Sessions

I'm always amazed at a) how they're always able to cram a band into the back of a cab and b) how they make it sound so good.  Check out this London based site.  Recommended Videos: Bon Iver or Grizzly Bear.

La Blogotheque

The first video podcasts from these French pioneers, these sessions aim to capture artists performing in impromptu locations, highlighting the beauty of little incidents, hesitations, and crazy stuff happening unexpectingly, all in one shot of the video camera.  All the shows are here.  Recommended videos:  Arcade Fire in a freight elevator or Andrew Bird walking the streets of Paris.

Off the Beaten Tracks

An Edinburgh based musical project capturing bands (local and visiting) in the most interesting nooks and crannies they can squeeze into. Recommended videos: Efterklang at SXSW or Scott from Frightened Rabbit performing solo in Dunbar's Close Garden.


Not just a home for the newest music videos but also a place for original and live music content.  Recommended Shows: Cemetery Gates (this one features Jonsi) or  Tunnelvision (here's Sun  Airway performing "Oh, Naoko").  

Shoot the Player

An Australian duo capturing bands live, while showing the world the unique beauty, quirks and strangeness of Sydney. Recommended Videos: Beach House, where else but the beach or Holly Miranda at the Sydney Opera House.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Southern Souls

Since starting in the summer of 2009, Hamilton Ontario's Mitch Fillion has amassed 200+ videos.  Southern Souls originally began by capturing the unique performances by musicians calling southern Ontario home, but has more recently branched out to film higher profile and international artists.  Recommended videos: Burn Planetarium in a library or Savoir Adore in the middle of the street in Toronto.

They Shoot Music

A videoblog featuring artists in the interesting urban spaces of Vienna. Check out this cool google map indicating the locations of all their shoots.  Recommended Videos: Final Fantasy / Owen Pallett or The Dodos.    

Recent Posts from this Blog

Yours Truly

Probably one of the best music blogs out there.  In daily visits you can either expect to be introduced to amazing new artists, or catch them performing for Yours   Recommended videos: Local Natives performing on the tracks or The Morning Benders performing "Excuses" in the studio.