Guest Top Ten List

Diego Rodriguez is a partner at the design and innovation firm IDEO. He is also a professor at Stanford's, where he teaches classes about business design and entrepreneurship. His blog metacool has a passionate following among people who spend their lives trying to make a dent in the universe.

Top 10 Metacool Blogs


A conundrum of observations and thoughts on culture, life, business... by Jim Hancock. I've been reading some of the blogs on this list for almost seven years now. Each represents a masters degree for me, and this list has helped me realize how much I've learned. Jim's blog is a relatively new addition to my blog reading list, and I can't wait to learn more about the world of branding and advertising he writes about.

John Winsor

Want to know something about crowdsourcing? About insights on the meaning of life gained while hanging off the Flatirons in Boulder? Run, don't walk, to John's blog. Gnarly.

John's Blog

John Lilly reads more books than any other person I know, so by reading his blog, he makes me seem much smarter than I actually am. A lot of people talk about transparency in management and leadership, but John lives it.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Joi Ito's Web

Joi's blog thoughts convinced me to start blogging my own almost six years ago (it was Seth's blog which gave me the courage to climb out of cubicleville). Joi is an amazing person, and continues to be an inspiration to me in so many ways.

Reilly Brennan

Reilly manages to do more cool stuff on a daily basis than just about any person I know. He writes beautiful prose, and likes the same kinds of cars that I do.

Seth’s Blog

I don't know how he does it, but Seth Godin has been putting up brilliant blog posts each and every day for the last umpteen years. He has a way of turning me on to my own radical inner thoughts. I'm on Typepad because of his blog.

Telstar Logistics

The blog of the greatest company in existence. Land, air, sea, space -- if it was made by man, it's on here. Written by Todd Lapin.

The Technium

A blog by Kevin Kelly. Two letters which form a complete sentence: KK. Say no more.

Work Matters

Bob Sutton has been at various times my teacher, colleague, co-instructor, co-conspirator, and friend (most of all, my friend). In addition to some simply brilliant thinking, he could very well have the best author photo on the web, too.

as disappointed as you are

Russell Davies has a unique way of processing the world. I read his blog as way to reset my thinking. He also writes eggsbaconchipsandbeans, another favorite of mine, but listing it here would bring my total to eleven, and this list does not go to eleven.