Guest Top Ten List

Matthew Burden is the founder of, one of the most widely read and regarded military blogs, and the author of The Blog of War: Front-Line Dispatches from Soliders in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Top 10 Military and Veteran Blogs

A Soldier's Perspective

A Soldier's Perspective is written by a mix of Soldiers and Marines who began writing as a way to help them deal with the demons of combat. ASP has evolved into a venue that puts reality into military operations.

Abu Muqawama

Abu Muqawama is written by a former Army Ranger who did tours in Afghanistan and returned as a civilian consultant. Regarded as one of the best practitioners of counter insurgency, Abu is read by experts and neophytes alike.

Afghan Quest

Afghan Quest is written by a senior sergeant on his second tour in Afghanistan. He's been there and done that and volunteered to do it all over again.

Recent Posts from this Blog

Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys

Castle Argghhh! is blog of retired warriors (although some have found their way back to Iraq and Afghanistan as contractors). Argghhh!'s founder, John Donovan, blogs about the military, the 2nd Amendment and tells the occasional military joke.

Bouhammer's Afghan Blog

Bouhammer is written by a senior sergeant who has done tours of duty all over the planet. He focuses a lot on where he spent his last tour, Afghanistan.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon has spent more time in combat that anyone I know. A former green beret turned independent journalist, Mike runs to the sound of gunfire and has covered both Iraq and Afghanistan extensively. He serves up his content straight up, neat, no ice.

Soldiers' Angels Germany

Soldiers' Angels Germany is written by a volunteer for Soldiers Angels that visits our wounded as the come from the war zones through Landstuhl military hospital in Germany. Amongst the military stories, you'll get an idea of the amount of love and care that American soldiers receive.

Spouse Buzz

Spouse Buzz is THE place for military spouses to share content and ideas, comfort and support, and they hold meetings/conferences near bases. In the military, we say that spouses are "force multipliers" (they enhance the ability of their military loved ones to do their jobs), and Spouse Buzz, therefore, is an exponential force multiplier.

The Mudville Gazette

The Mudville Gazette was one of the first in our genre, organized us together and coined the term MilBlog, and is my favorite military blog. One of the best resources at Mudville is the Dawn Patrol, a separate segment (that could be an entry here all to itself) that highlights the content of old and new media reports on the military.

This Ain't Hell

This Ain't Hell is a blog of combat veterans dedicated to telling the truth and keeping it real. One of their focuses is on exposing people who lie about their military backgrounds in order to push an agenda. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes deadly serious, This Ain't Hell writes tough about tough issues.