Top 10 Money Blogs to Curb Your Spending

Ask Liz Weston

Personal finance columnist Liz Weston offers down-to-earth money advice and answers readers' questions. An easy read, her personal blog offers helpful advice ranging from how to save money on summer vacations to whether to bail out family members and kids when they're in financial straits. You'll also find Liz's financial advice on MSN's money channel.

Bargain Babe

Julia in Los Angeles blogs about how to keep those expenses from adding up, whether it's a tempting new tank top, a pricey phone charger or another four-dollar latte at Starbucks. No guilt, just tips and discipline with a sense of humor.


A broad spectrum of advice on spending, saving and investing. Topics range from taxes and tax preparation to membership-rewards programs, discount brokerage services, and the importance of begging and borrowing before you buy.

Consumerism Commentary

The nuts and bolts of who is spending what, and who's making money off the transaction. Sample posts cover what amounts credit-card companies make off each purchase, discounts available via social media, getting financially "naked" to discuss money with your honey, and other topics.

Free Money Finance

Advice on personal finance and the value of both saving and education, plus frequent interaction with readers who tell their own stories of struggles with (and triumphs over) debt. Also covers varied topics such as precious metals, credit-card rewards and job advancement.

Money Crashers

A range of financial advice that travels from federal monetary and tax policy to how to save money on your mobile-phone bill. Emphasizes getting out of debt and minimizing expenses to get into better financial shape, and also includes articles on the time value of money and education, among other topics.

Spend at

News on trends in prices and spending plus lists of do's and don'ts helpful to your wallet.

The Digerati Life

Money and personal-finance articles from Silicon Valley, which means lots of attention to useful software as well as online deals and services. Skews toward under-30 readers, but good advice is good advice no matter what your age.

The Simple Dollar

Thoughtful commentary on not just the what and how of spending, but the why. Author Trent Hamm wants readers to think about the purpose of their spending as a check on over-spending, and shares 14 straightforward Money Rules (spend less than you earn, plan ahead every time you spend, find and work toward your true passions, and others) with readers.


Wide-ranging site about living large on a small budget. Features articles on personal finance, frugal living, careers, income, and life hacks, and also aggregates the content of other personal-finance blogs.