Guest Top Ten List

Jesper Bram is the writer behind the very popular Helmet Hair - Motorcycle Blog, which in various iterations now has almost 10 years in the saddle. Besides being a motorcycle enthusiast Jesper puts butter on his bread by being a freehand pinstriping artist and graphic designer. Follow him on Twitter @jbram.

Top 10 Motorcycle Blogs (for Every Taste)

Atlas Rider

Bill from Phoenix Valley is very much into traveling by motorcycle and besides descriptions of his travels he offers some valuable tips on motorcycle touring.

Bikes in the Fast Lane

Mike Werner runs this motorcycle news blog. Mike is a wee gadget happy so expect a few things flashing and popping. But he posts very frequently and nothing motorcycle related gets past Mike unnoticed.

Chopperdaves Loud Fast Rules

Custom motorcycle builder and notorious bad boy Chopper Dave runs this real biker blog. Besides lots of good quality photos on his latest projects he also includes photos of the occasional not very dressed lady. So this one might be NSFW.


Grail Mortillaro is an excellent graphics designer. His blog that’s all about DIY motorcycle customization always looks the best and sports some really awesome photos.

Rippin Kitten

Liz Frazier offers an interesting female perspective on the entire motorcycle culture. A good mix of personal commentary on current events and tales from her experiences on the road.

Saul T Nutz Racing

A rare insight into four guys racing efforts at the Bonneville Salt Flats. They cover both their own building progress, but also some history on salt flats racing.

The Kneeslider

Paul Crowe - The Kneeslider, is usually first with the latest news in the motorcycle industry. A good place to find news on engine development and futuristic concept bikes.

The Return of the Cafe Racers

The number one resource for the style of motorcycle called Cafe Racers. What you might call old school sport bikes, but in a good way.

Twisting Asphalt

Motorcycle documentary director and producer Dylan Weiss runs this sports bike blog. Plenty of reviews, bike tests and loads of videos.

XS650 Chopper

A blog dedicated solely to people rebuilding and customizing Yamaha XS650’s. The things these guys do with this bike is amazing.