Guest Top Ten List

Simon Owens is a 24-year-old journalist who lives in DC. He formerly wrote for newspapers but now covers the media for PBS's MediaShift and for his own blog,

Top 10 New Media Blogs

Blog, P.I.

Written by my friend and former colleague, William Beutler, Blog, P.I. likes to dig into data and trends in blogging, Twitter and Wikipedia. Beutler has a good eye for trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Deus Ex Malcontent

Written by a blogger who was fired from his producer position at CNN because of the opinions expressed on his blog. His essays and media criticisms—often lengthy—are incredibly well-written.


I'm embarrassed to admit, as a media blogger, that I only recently subscribed to Epicenter's RSS feed, but it now has become a daily read for me. Unlike many blogs that focus on social media, this is one of the few that pumps out continuous original reporting.


Nick Denton's Manhattan media site needs no introduction.


I'm an associate editor at this site, and I love writing for it because it's one of the few publications that publishes feature length, "new journalism" pieces on social media.

Nieman Journalism Lab

This blog actually has a great Twitter account that is incredibly good at finding obscure stories and perspectives pertaining to social media. Its video offerings are great to watch.


One of the best damn film review sites out there.

Rough Type

Nick Carr isn't a prolific blogger, but he is adept at his devil's advocate approach to social media, a perfect balance between the new media evangelists and the old media curmudgeons.


Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi doesn't write only about media, but his takedowns of Thomas Friedman and a New York Times religion blogger were so incredible that he needs to be included on this list. + busblog

The personal blog of the LA Times blog editor, Tony Pierce. Like the Taibbi blog, it doesn't focus solely on the media, but if you watch closely he'll drop some personal behind-the-scenes observations about the struggles and tribulations in the LA Times news room.