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Do you hide your favorite pen from your co-workers?  Does Back to School season get you as excited about shopping as Christmas?  Well, Brad Dowdy, the author of The Pen Addict blog, feeds your addiction with news and reviews of the latest writing products to hit the market.  You are among friends at The Pen Addict. You can follow Brad on Twitter @dowdyism.

Top 10 Pen, Ink, and Paper Blogs

Dave's Mechanical Pencils

A fun and irreverent look at - you guessed it - mechanical pencils. Be sure to fully enjoy all of the photos.

Doodlers Anonymous

We are all doodlers at heart, and DA takes it from the most simple scribbles to elaborate doodle designs.

Good Pens

One of the really good guys, and an excellent pen blog. If you want to know how to hack a disposable fountain pen, Good Pens has all the details.

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Beautiful fountain pens, and wonderful handwritten ink reviews.

Lung Sketching Scrolls

An amazing collection of art supplies, all put to good use and reviewed for your pleasure.

Notebook Stories

What good are pens if you don't have something cool to write on?

Office Supply Geek

This blog runs the gamut - pens, pencils, planners, and paper clips - all part of the routine at Office Supply Geek.


Patrick Ng is on the front lines, and I am always finding great ideas and inspiration from his blog.

Spiritual Evolution of the Bean

If you need to know which fountain pen works best with which type of ink, and which paper works best with that ink, then you have come to the right place.


Great reviews and photos of some of the most popular items around.

Recent Posts from this Blog